My travelling at Nanyue Heng Mountain

Heng Mountain is a famous mountain in Hunan, located in Hengshan City of Hunan Province (Southern China). It is very popular at least in Hunan area. It is said that making a wish at Heng Mountain will easily come true, and I did heard about similar stories like that in the past. Thanks for the […]

Is it a horrible world now?

I returned Britain from my China business travelling at the end of this July, and then knew the UK chose “leave EU” according to the Referendum. I used to live in Belgium, which is the center of Europe Union, for more than five years, enjoyed the convenience of a single union. Truly, the leaving EU […]

Start to use Zoho Mail hosting

I have a domain which is my full name. I use it as my homepage showing my basic information (profile). And I also use it as my domain email. So I need an email hosting. I used to use Tencent domain email. It is free and most of time works fine. But recently my letting […]