My travelling at Nanyue Heng Mountain

Heng Mountain is a famous mountain in Hunan, located in Hengshan City of Hunan Province (Southern China). It is very popular at least in Hunan area. It is said that making a wish at Heng Mountain will easily come true, and I did heard about similar stories like that in the past.

Thanks for the holy belief of this sorts of religion people, Heng Mountain is indeed a unique place for Buddhism and Taoism co-existing. When it approaches the 1st of August of Chinese calendar every year, hundreds and thousands pilgrims go to Heng Mountain for worshiping their God, which is quite impressive during my childhood memories.

It is so lucky I had the chance to visit this famous place by the accompany and help of my friends who work at Hunan University. Visiting this holy place has been my dream for quite long time. Now my dream comes true.

The following pictures are what I shot when I was travelling at Heng Mountain. I will be adding extra texts explaining this fantastic travelling, helping me recall it in the future.

My two "guiders", Dr Dehui Wang (Hunan University) and Dr Zhihua Ou (Hunan University of Technology)

It is summer, a rain season. We can see waterfalls nearly everywhere.

An unknown snake with four legs (maybe it is gecko)? I have seen them when I was a child in Hunan, now I see them again at Heng Mountain.

We hike the mountain. It is a well developed place of interest. There was few tourists. The path to the summit is a bit dark and very quiet.

A nature cave, with the pavement go through it.

Why is cucumber so popular in China’s places of interest?

We are tired, have a rest.

A veg garden at the middle height of the mountain.

A traditional style local house at the middle height of the mountain, which is also very common in my Hunan hometown.

A beautiful butterfly stayed on the back of Dr Wang.

The little path on the huge rock, looks dangerous, is not it?

Fast food at the middle height of the mountain. This rice noodle costs only 15 CNY. Very delitious, I like it. The chef and boss of the restaurant has a same family name Tan, shoud he give me some discount? He did not.

Trees grown over hundreds years?

There must be a teacher among three people? The picture was taken by two lovely girls of the 90s who we met on the hiking uphill.

Xiangnan Temple. I come from Xiangnan (Southern Hunan Province)


Feels like in the cloud?

The aforementioned two girls we met on the hiking. We talked, we laughed, and we did not feel tired and boring anymore. True, the inner spiritual world of we old boys may be also boring?

There were quite few tourists today. Dr Ou said that he had never successfully taken picture of the “Shou Bi Nan Shan” stone (Live as long as the age of Nanshan Mountain) with no people in front of it, now he did it.

Far-reach mountains when we were approaching the summit.

A low profile monk was flying on the wall?

Zhurong summit of Heng Mountain, around 1300 m high.

Holy pilgrims, they are aiming at wealth and fortune, in my opinion.

The entrance of Zhurong Temple, looks like very traditional and simple.

Watching mountains by the side of Zhurong Temple.

And watching the beautiful ladies?

OK, enjoy the beautiful landscape…

The monk was playing smartphone. Maybe he also feel boring?

Your wish will come true.

Guanyin Buddha, this is Buddhism related.

Great Holy Emperor of Nanyue Mountain, this is from Taoism, right?

Liu Bu Shang Shu (Ministers of Six Ministries).

The Master who is a fortune teller, but I did not get the poem of fortune.

The two girls come from Hunan Women’s University. Is it exiting to meet us? Yes, it is true, the two girls told us later.

Cliff engravings left by Famous and writers and poets.

The mountain has no end.

If you would like to pay, you can even hire a sedan, just like this lady, relaxing. So what you need to do is bringing your money when you are touring in China, money is everything.

The heavy mountain mist.

I did not forget to run at Heng Mountain, even just a short distance, showing I am running everywhere.

Looking at the Zhurong Temple from a distance when we were hiking down the mountain.

Hengshan railway station looks huge and marvelous, it is looks empty since there is not so many tourists and travelers.

Is it a horrible world now?

I returned Britain from my China business travelling at the end of this July, and then knew the UK chose “leave EU” according to the Referendum. I used to live in Belgium, which is the center of Europe Union, for more than five years, enjoyed the convenience of a single union.

Truly, the leaving EU of UK does not influence my travelling into EU at all, as UK has never joined the Schengen treaty, and I always need a Schengen visa travelling to Europe. But the leave of UK from EU probably means the gloomy future of economy to UK. It will then have an significant influence on academic research, which is my career.

The recent terror attack targeted the civilian people of Nice in France also implies the poor safety situation in Europe. This attack is already the third one targeting France. Who knows what will happen in the near future? The conflict between Western and Islamic world looks much more complex than I can imagine.

In the USA, the shooting at black people by police and the bouncing back shooting to policemen surface the big gap between black and white Americans. I thought we are living in the 21th century, the racial discrimination is minimal though it still exists. The reality is apparently much worse than I thought.

And not to mention the failed Turkey coup a couple of days ago. The attempted coup suggests the democracy development in Turkey still has a long way to go. What the really poor guys are those died civilian people who are innocent in this incident.

These events and tragedies show a pessimistic future, in my opinion. Is not the world going better and better? Or what on earth the future of our world will be?

Start to use Zoho Mail hosting

I have a domain which is my full name. I use it as my homepage showing my basic information (profile). And I also use it as my domain email. So I need an email hosting.

I used to use Tencent domain email. It is free and most of time works fine. But recently my letting agency send me an email twice, and it was bounced back to her mailbox. I checked the administration panel of my email, finding Tencent domain email blocked my letting agency’s email, which is very frustrating and ridiculous.

It is time for me to choose another email hosting service. Finally I found Zoho Mail. The service of Zoho is very good. Email hosting on Zoho gets very full mark from, just as perfect as the service from Gmail.

Zoho does offer free version, but IP of email sending may be identified spam IP by some lists. So I finally upgraded to paid service, which is only 24 USD for one year. Now the sending IP is clean and no longer fall into spam IP list.

Using own domain email address is cool and quite reliable, I do not have to be worried about availability of free email service. I always recall the shutting down of Google Reader. There is nothing completely free in this world.