Farewell 2015 and welcome 2016

Time flies, now is the last day of 2015. I remember when I was a little boy, I was not happy with slow running time making me waiting for the coming of winter vacation when there is the Traditional Chinese New Year.

Looking back to the whole year, I seldom posted on my blog. This is a bit frustrating to me. I think the main reason is my laziness on blogging in English which is not my mother tongue language. I did write many posts in Chinese and gained a certain amount of traffic from the internet.

I should make a change in terms of blogging on the internet. That is writing more English posts here rather than in Chinese. Writing in a foreign language should benefit me more as I do not think I have much space to be improved in the Chinese language. Another reason is that there are not so many friends of mine would read this blog, which would make my writing comfortably.

Let’s see what will happen in 2016. Happy new year and all the best for you.

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