Start to use Zoho Mail hosting

I have a domain which is my full name. I use it as my homepage showing my basic information (profile). And I also use it as my domain email. So I need an email hosting.

I used to use Tencent domain email. It is free and most of time works fine. But recently my letting agency send me an email twice, and it was bounced back to her mailbox. I checked the administration panel of my email, finding Tencent domain email blocked my letting agency’s email, which is very frustrating and ridiculous.

It is time for me to choose another email hosting service. Finally I found Zoho Mail. The service of Zoho is very good. Email hosting on Zoho gets very full mark from, just as perfect as the service from Gmail.

Zoho does offer free version, but IP of email sending may be identified spam IP by some lists. So I finally upgraded to paid service, which is only 24 USD for one year. Now the sending IP is clean and no longer fall into spam IP list.

Using own domain email address is cool and quite reliable, I do not have to be worried about availability of free email service. I always recall the shutting down of Google Reader. There is nothing completely free in this world.

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