What does “The Fappening” mean?

Update: for guys who want to download the torrent files, please click this link. First of first, the phrase “The Fappening” arises from the incident “August 2014 celebrity photo leaks”. But for many non-English speaking people, they really get confused by the term “The Fappening”, e.g. many BitTorrent files are directly named as “TheFappening.torrent” (Sept. […]

Domain transferred from Godaddy to NameCheap

Finally, I transferred my domain inksay.com from Godaddy to Namecheap. Why did I do that? There are several reasons. The cost to renew domain at Godaddy is not cheap any more. Few renewal coupon code of Godaddy is available these days. I have to pay about 12 euro to renew my .com domain at Godaddy, […]

Why do I love bitcoin?

In the previous post, I said bitcoin is a new religion, but of course bitcoins is more than just a kind of belief, it is useful. The vendor of my cellphone service is http://mobilevikings.com, which claimed the first mobile company accepts bitcoin. Before the acceptance of bitcoin, the way I top up my credits is using bank […]