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How to fix Google Chrome resolution problem in Windows 10?

I recently update my Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro, it looks great. But there is one big issue for me. Chrome web browser does not work properly in Windows 10. Chrome cannot recognize the resolution of my screen. The width of my screen resolution is 1920 px, but Chrome think it is 2400, thus the font size and the web page displayed on Chrome are very small and not easy to read.

So how to fix the problem? Pretty easy.

  1. Locate the Google Chrome in the installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files x86)\Google\Chrome\Application);
  2. Right click on the application, Properties, Compatibility tab;
  3. Select “Disable display scalling on high DPI settings”, then Restart Chrome.


Everything should be fine now.

Enjoy your Chrome with Windows 10.