The easiest method to test speed of hard drive

When you want to check the read and write speed of your hard drive, no matter HDD or SSD, the easiest way is not searching and downloading software. The fastest method is using the built in command of Windows OS (there should be a lot in Mac OS and Linux): winsat.

First, run the CMD command as administrator by typing it into the command box (click the start button on the left down corner of your desktop, or press Windows logo key + R), then, e.g. if you would like to check C drive, type the command as follows,

winsat disk -drive c

And then hit the “enter” key to run the command. Wait for a moment, you will get the result of the drive just tested.




How is the performance of your drive? Welcome to post it in the comment area. Mine is as follows:

> Disk  Sequential 64.0 Read                   454.58 MB/s          7.9
> Disk  Random 16.0 Read                       391.09 MB/s          7.9
> Responsiveness: Average IO Rate              0.62 ms/IO          7.9
> Responsiveness: Grouped IOs                  6.61 units          7.7
> Responsiveness: Long IOs                     1.28 units          7.9
> Responsiveness: Overall                      8.49 units          7.9
> Responsiveness: PenaltyFactor                0.0
> Disk  Sequential 64.0 Write                  343.20 MB/s          7.9
> Average Read Time with Sequential Writes     0.288 ms          7.9
> Latency: 95th Percentile                     1.519 ms          7.9
> Latency: Maximum                             2.847 ms          7.9
> Average Read Time with Random Writes         0.316 ms          7.9
> Total Run Time 00:01:02.38

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