The first time got sick in the year 2015

I got sick yesterday. Actually I felt I was already sick even from the day before yesterday, for I felt my throat uncomfortable, which is a strong evidence of getting a common cold.

So I took one day off my work yesterday, I needed to have a rest. Slept on the bed and did nothing the whole day. I had a bit headache, this made the time pass by very slowly. Usually, I always feel time flies. It is really magic, I was feeling the different time. Just because my health situations are different.

I am feeling good today, at least much better than yesterday. It is not necessary to see the doctor for the common cold. Give a chance for the body itself to deal with the disease.

Getting sick is not the worst thing. I think that getting a cold once a year maybe is good for the immune system of the body to be checked.

Anyway, I do recognize the importance of keeping healthy.

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