An effective way to block spam comments of WordPress blog

As bloggers, we welcome comments on our posts, sharing different viewpoints and adding more content. However, a headache is SPAM comments, which are typically generated by spam bots.

WordPress officially offers a plugin Akismet that can reduces spam comments to a great extent. I still got hundreds of comments labelled as spam by Akismet plugin. I would be happier if there is a method to block spam comments even before them being left on the blog, which will reduce the loading work of web hosting server, and also keep the MYSQL database clean.

Finally, I found an effective way. Several weeks ago, I started to use Incapsula as my CDN provider to accelerate the speed of my blog worldwide. To my surprise, the using of Incapsula greatly avoided the number of spam comments, there were almost no items even in the spam comments category as it was when I use Akismet plugin.

I checked the trick behind Incapsula, finding the CDN provider offers a protective layer against spam comment bots. Almost all of the spam bots are blocked before they want to access the blog where to submit the spam comments.

Incapsula is a very good CND provider. It has a free plan for small websites. You can have it a try to speed up the performance of your website worldwide, meanwhile, say goodbye to spam comments.

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