How to stop AdBlock killing your AdSense revenue on your website?

Many bloggers place AdSense ads on their blog sites to earn some bucks along with the funny blogging trip. However, it is not easy to make money from AdSense, one of the reason it more and more people are using web browser extension such as AdBlock to disable AdSense on their browsers. It is difficult […]

The easiest way convert WordPress posts to Jekyll Markdown files

The so called static blog is getting increasingly popular on the internet. Probably people just need a place to blog, not necessarily a powerful WordPress platform which needs PHP, MYSQL database. If you want to switch from WordPress to static blog site such as Jekyll, Octopress, a big problem would be how to convert your […]

An effective way to block spam comments of WordPress blog

As bloggers, we welcome comments on our posts, sharing different viewpoints and adding more content. However, a headache is SPAM comments, which are typically generated by spam bots. WordPress officially offers a plugin Akismet that can reduces spam comments to a great extent. I still got hundreds of comments labelled as spam by Akismet plugin. […]