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Amazon Kindle, which is the world’s bestselling e-reader from, is my best loved electronic device for its real paper display technology. Reading with Kindle is really amazing and quite comfortable.

You may be a Kindle user as well, since you find this post. I guess you may be interested in Chinese culture thus want to read some real Chinese books on your kindle. Indeed, there is a lot of information on free Chinese Kindle e-books if you search “Chinese Kindle ebooks” at

However, those Chinese books listed on are not for free, what even matters is that the content of those Amazon Chinese books is not what we Chinese people most read. In addition to Amazon, you may also find a lot of Chinese websites that enable you to search Chinese e-books as you like, but the problem is you have to know how to input the complicated Chinese characters and make sure the exactly correct book names. Finally, you are disappointed to find quality Chinese books to read on your Kindle.

Life should be easy and simple, so as in the case of Kindle book resource. I am a Kindle user with much experience on how to find free and great Chinese books in Kindle format. Believe it or not, a lot of Chinese Kindle users benefit from the results of my Kindle research which are shared on blog in Chinese. Now I am going to show you how to get quality and valuable Chinese books for your Kindle, and for free.

The easiest way to find quality and great Chinese books is the bittorrent file I am going to share with you, it is pretty easy:

  1. First download the bittorrent file, click here to download the BT torrent that is created by me.
  2. Then use any kind of BiTtorrent software (such as BitTorrent, µTorrent, Transmission) to download the 857 real Chinese Kindle books. If you are an advanced Bittorrent user, you can also directly copy the magnet link of the Bittorrent below and paste it to your BT software to download the book package.

Do not worry, it is for free. There are 857 nice Chinese books in the Bittorrent file, which covers almost every subjects of Chinese cultures, from history to Chinese food, politics, ancient Chinese literature, current famous fictions, etc. I am sure you will find your interested books from the collection. The format of these books is .mobi that is an open one supported by Kindle.

After you download it, just have a look at the list of book names, then copy them to your Kindle. You do not have to search it on the internet any more. You do not have to be afraid to input the Chinese book title to find it, since they lie on your own computer with a clarified file folders. Here is the online list of these books.

Enjoy your reading on Kindle with these nice Chinese books. If any question, just leave your comment.

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it is 22nd of October 2021 and I’m downloading the files now. Thanks a lot poster you are the best!

With kindest regards from Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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