How to Create a WiFi Hotspot in Ubuntu Laptop for Mobile Devices [Easiest and Simplest]

As mobile devices such as smart phones (iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, Windows Phone) are getting more and more popular, people need WiFi for these devices to surf the internet.

For guys who use Ubuntu Linux OS on a laptop, it is quite easy to make the wired internet on laptop shared with mobile devices via Wi-Fi (ad-hoc), simply creating a hotspot on laptop. Here is the how-to showing the method, just 3 steps to set up.

Step 1

Set up Ubuntu Laptop as WiFi Hotspot

Head for the “System Settings” of Ubuntu, and find the “Network” icon under “Hardware” category, click the “Network” icon.

Step 2

Set up Ubuntu Laptop as WiFi Hotspot

Now you see the “Network” setting, click the “Wireless” row, then click the button “Use as Hotspot…”

Step 3

Set up Ubuntu Laptop as WiFi Hotspot

After finishing Step 2, the “Wireless Hotspot” has already been successfully created, keep in mind the “Network Name” and the “Security Key”, which are needed for mobile devices that want to use the wireless hotspot.

By default, the name of the newly created WIFI hotspot is as same as the log-in user name of your Ubuntu system, which is as shown on the right top corner of the desktop by displaying “Connection established”.

OK, choose your newly created WIFI hotspot on your mobile device and type the password using the “Security Key”, the mobile internet is right on your hands.

Probably this is the simplest and easiest method to create a WiFi Hotspot on Ubuntu OS on the world, on command with only three steps and especially compared with my previous method.

Tested successfully on Ubuntu 12.04, iPad 2, Nokia 5800, should works on Ubuntu 11.10, Ubuntu 12.10 etc. Any comments are welcome.

Enjoy the wireless internet, have fun.