Is it a horrible world now?

I returned Britain from my China business travelling at the end of this July, and then knew the UK chose “leave EU” according to the Referendum. I used to live in Belgium, which is the center of Europe Union, for more than five years, enjoyed the convenience of a single union.

Truly, the leaving EU of UK does not influence my travelling into EU at all, as UK has never joined the Schengen treaty, and I always need a Schengen visa travelling to Europe. But the leave of UK from EU probably means the gloomy future of economy to UK. It will then have an significant influence on academic research, which is my career.

The recent terror attack targeted the civilian people of Nice in France also implies the poor safety situation in Europe. This attack is already the third one targeting France. Who knows what will happen in the near future? The conflict between Western and Islamic world looks much more complex than I can imagine.

In the USA, the shooting at black people by police and the bouncing back shooting to policemen surface the big gap between black and white Americans. I thought we are living in the 21th century, the racial discrimination is minimal though it still exists. The reality is apparently much worse than I thought.

And not to mention the failed Turkey coup a couple of days ago. The attempted coup suggests the democracy development in Turkey still has a long way to go. What the really poor guys are those died civilian people who are innocent in this incident.

These events and tragedies show a pessimistic future, in my opinion. Is not the world going better and better? Or what on earth the future of our world will be?

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