My AdSense income from a blog post: offer what they need

If you are a blogger, you would like people read your posts, which proves that your texts are useful. The harder you try, the better result you get. However, is it the most effective way to make a good blog? and so does the income from blogging?

This month is a football season as the World Cup 2014 is going on in Brazil. Billions of people are watching the game, so do Chinese people who stay outside of China. Due to the copyright issue, however, the problem is that Chinese people staying abroad cannot watch the CCTV5 streaming channel which has Chinese comments over the live streaming.

I occasionally found several tricks to watch live CCTV5 outside of China, either by installing special software (Apps) or visiting some online websites, probably they solved the copyright issue which is not the topic of this post. So I just shared the information on one of my blog. Amazing, by the help of Google, thousands of visitors came to visit my site during the football matches.

Fortunately, I placed a piece of AdSense ads next to that hot blog post. Two weeks later, I checked the AdSense income generated by the post. It is more than 100 EURO (because of the TOS of AdSense, I cannot disclose the exact amount here, sorry), which is more than what I earned from the site in a year.

From this little case, I had a conclusion: offer information what visitors really need, then visitors come, and luckily the income.

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