No AdSense ads displayed on HTTPS SSL websites

I think Google met a problem on their AdSense server today. The AdSense ads does not show on HTTPS SSL websites today, e.g. &, it shows a shield icon at the end of the address bar of web browser, alerting “the page includes script from unauthenticated sources”.

If the visitor click the icon to load unsafe script, then the browser does display the AdSense ads, but the address bar of browser shows a warning indicating that the page is not fully secure with uncompleted HTTPS SSL.

The AdSense is supposed to display ads over ssl on HTTPS SSL site as Google said “AdSense ad code support for SSL“, but now it does not. The issue occurs on all HTTPS SSL websites today on all web browsers of Windows operating system, there is no automatic AdSense ads displaying over all https website for the moment. No problem found on iPhone OS.

I hope Google AdSense engineers will notice the issue and fix it soon, otherwise it causes loss of revenue of Google and AdSense publishers.

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