The era of HTTPS SSL encryption

On the first day of year 2016, I transferred all my websites from HTTP to HTTPS SSL. As you see, now all URLs of this site start with HTTPS instead of the past HTTP. These websites are the follows: the world of cement science. a Chinese restaurant located in Sheffield, the UK. […]

Google engineer seriously checked the AdSense HTTPS SSL issue

After I posted the problem of AdSense HTTPS SSL displaying issue, an¬†engineer from Google AdSense contacted me. Below is the conversation. As a enthusiastic Google fan, the involvement from Google on this issue¬†is much appreciated. Hello, I’m an engineer at Google, working on serving ads over HTTPS. I saw your report “No AdSense ads displayed […]

No AdSense ads displayed on HTTPS SSL websites

I think Google met a problem on their AdSense server today. The AdSense ads does not show on HTTPS SSL websites today, e.g. &, it shows a shield icon at the end of the address bar of web browser, alerting “the page includes script from unauthenticated sources”. If the visitor click the icon […]