The era of HTTPS SSL encryption

On the first day of year 2016, I transferred all my websites from HTTP to HTTPS SSL. As you see, now all URLs of this site start with HTTPS instead of the past HTTP. These websites are the follows:

  1. the world of cement science.
  2. a Chinese restaurant located in Sheffield, the UK.
  3. the website you are browsing now.

With the HTTPS implemented on the website, all data of this site transmitted over the internet are encrypted. So the privacy of the site users is well protected, e.g. governmental surveillance, though there is no confidential information on this site, we guys with good conduct just do not like to be treated like that.

I choose the service offered by It has free SSL certificates and with HSTS feature enabled. You do not have to pay anything and do any modification on your web hosting server. And of course, the powerful and free CDN by CloudFlare is also a killer selling point for me. All the pictures and CSS files of the site are now stored and served by the global CDN.

It is the encryption era of internet now. All up to date webmasters should take action to adopt HTTPS SSL for their websites. And it is cheap and pain-free.

Farewell 2015 and welcome 2016

Time flies, now is the last day of 2015. I remember when I was a little boy, I was not happy with slow running time making me waiting for the coming of winter vacation when there is the Traditional Chinese New Year.

Looking back to the whole year, I seldom posted on my blog. This is a bit frustrating to me. I think the main reason is my laziness on blogging in English which is not my mother tongue language. I did write many posts in Chinese and gained a certain amount of traffic from the internet.

I should make a change in terms of blogging on the internet. That is writing more English posts here rather than in Chinese. Writing in a foreign language should benefit me more as I do not think I have much space to be improved in the Chinese language. Another reason is that there are not so many friends of mine would read this blog, which would make my writing comfortably.

Let’s see what will happen in 2016. Happy new year and all the best for you.

Can I delete $Windows.~WS folder after the Windows 10 upgrade?

Most of guys who updated Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 would find there are a folder named $Windows.~BT in their C drive. This folder occupies several GB space. If you do a Disk Cleanup work, the folder should be cleaned up.

But there may be another folder named $Windows.~WS also staying in C drive, and Disk Cleanup does not delete it at all. As this folder is very large (several GB), can I delete $Windows.~WS folder after the upgrade?

I do not know the folder so much. It is a folder generated when I was updating my Windows operating system. And I completely deleted it manually. After the reboot, nothing wrong happened.

I think Microsoft should make it clear whether this folder is safe to be deleted or not.