Watch Chinese domestic TV programs online for free

Though the media in China is strictly censored by the party and government, domestic TV stations are still a very important channel to get latest information for people’s daily life.

For guys who are not Chinese, Chinese TV programs are also a good source to learn the language and its culture. However, it is not easy to watch China domestic TV programs outside of the mainland China. This is because Chinese TV stations mainly focus on the domestic market on the one hand, and on the other hand online stream of TV programs, e.g., is always blocked outside of China due to the restriction of copyright.

To facilitate guys who do not live in China watch Chinese TV program, I created two web pages to watch live programs from most of the popular Chinese TV stations. It is pretty handy, just click the two links below:

There is no need to install any plugin or software. Enjoy it and tell your friends who are interested.

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