How much and easy to have your own blog website?

Internet is so popular that we need it everyday just like we need air every minute. But many average people who use internet think building a website is very costly and technology intensive. The reality is of course not the case.

Take my blog as an example.


The domain was registered at with 1.99 USD, and later renew it every year at about 8.99 USD. The web hosting space, which I have been using for my other website, is only 12 USD per year. The software installed for the blog is the famous open source WordPress. It is also free to use.

To improve the loading speed of the cheap web hosting server, I distribute the blog to Google PageSpeed Service that is the Google version CDN. No matter where the web page request come from, Google servers optimize the best location to distribute the content of the website. This makes the speed of visiting the blog like a website of Google, it is free without any limitation of bandwidth and network traffic.


First of all, I am not a programmer, nor even studied any courses on internet or building website. How do I install my website? I find help from Google. Just Googling “install wordpress blog”, you will find thousands of tutorials guiding you step by step. Actually, WordPress team has a “Famous 5-Minute Install” which is enough to install the blog.

Since there are so many people using WordPress, never worry problems you meet about WordPress, you can find the right solution by Googling. When you know more and more about WordPress and your website, you may find you are already an expert of building and maintaining a website, or at least a blog. But the methodology is the same website such as BBS, CMS.

In conclusion, it is pretty cheap and easy to build your own website, if you like to do.

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