Why do I love bitcoin?

In the previous post, I said bitcoin is a new religion, but of course bitcoins is more than just a kind of belief, it is useful. The vendor of my cellphone service is http://mobilevikings.com, which claimed the first mobile company accepts bitcoin. Before the acceptance of bitcoin, the way I top up my credits is using bank […]

The risk to sell bitcoins at decentralized exchanges localbitcoins.com and bitcoinbourse.eu

If you are interested in Bitcoin, you maybe would like to buy a bit. And if you once bought some bitcoins and now want to sell them with the hope of making profit from trading. The most common way for people to trade bitcoin is exchange, such as btc-e.com, bitstamp.net and the already dead Mt.Gox. […]

Bitcoin is a new religion

Bitcoin, one of the most famous P2P cryptocurrency, has been said as “The Most Dangerous Project We’ve Ever Seen”. And cryptocurrency is indeed a very hot topic talked by the whole world while the price soared from almost nothing to as high as 1200 USD per unit that was higher than the price of gold […]